• Our customer service is second to none. When you call Pronto Printer, you may speak to the same person that handled your printing 20 years ago! Not many businesses can promote that kind of longevity. Pronto Printer employees are committed to their jobs and are proud to be a part of this company! Stop down today so we can discuss your next project!

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About Us

Our Staff

Beth is the youngest in the group, and she is constantly reminding everyone of that fact. Also being one of two girls in the print shop full of men, she is always trying to keep them in line. Which if you’ve ever been here, you know is a hard act to accomplish. Beth has been a Graphic Designer at Pronto for over 15 years. But sitting behind that computer for hours on end can make her a little goofy from time to time. We just accept the goofy part, since we assume it comes along with the creativity. She also is responsible for all of those Pronto mailers that you see cross your desk. Hopefully you read them, and don’t just toss all of her hard work into the garbage.
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Bob is the owner of Pronto Printer of Newington. And unlike some other typical bosses, you’ll never see him wear a tie, hes not afraid to get his clothes messy, and he refuses to shave his beard. He’s here everyday, not only interacting with the customers, but always willing to lend a hand to get the job done. If you ask him how long hes been here, he replies, “A very LONG time.” Technically, he started at Pronto Printer of Newington soon after it opened 40 years ago. He started here working as a pressman, so we tend to believe him when he makes a suggestion on how to improve on a job. It’s quite obvious that he’s not only the owner of the best print shop in town, he’s your friend.
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Jacki came to help us as a Graphic Designer when Beth was about to have her second child. She’s started as a client and we’ve worked with her for at least 15 years so we were sure she could handle it. She has been with us now for over 4 years.
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Mike has been hanging around Pronto Printer for about 33 years now. Since he wouldn’t leave, we decided to put him to work, and turns out, he’s pretty good at it. In fact, Mike did go to school for computers in his early years. He was fascinated with them, and eventually that led to his career in a print shop. This comes in handy for us, since computers sometimes have their own issues, and Mike always helps save the day. He has a great talent for running multiple presses at once. Customers are sometimes amazed at the fact that he can actually keep up with both machines and still keep his sanity at the same time. He also is our designated go-to guy when we’re trying to remember a job we did for a customer ages ago. He has a great memory.
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He once was airlifted off a destroyer only to eventually land here at Pronto Printer, where he has decided to stay for the past 27 years. Steve also has about 18 jobs here at Pronto. You won’t find him standing still for a moment. Whether it’s copying, binding, folding, drilling, shipping, mailing, tap dancing, no strike that last one, he’s constantly adjusting his daily schedule to meet the needs of our customers. When one of our customers has a question regarding computers, mailing services, etc, we send them directly to Steve, information central. He also finds time in his day to sing a song, make some silly jokes, or whistle some holiday tunes throughout the whole year. But he’s definitely needed around here, so we put up with the whistling.
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Chief was a fireman in Hartford for many, many years before coming to Pronto. He was our deliveryman as well as jack of all trades around the shop. Bob retired from Pronto in 2014, and we miss him!


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